Lica and Seli Wolf with their grandfather


This photo pictures one of my best friends, Lica Wolf (in the center) together with his sister Seli Wolf (first from left) and his grandfather. We all lived in the same Jewish district, we knew each other from the synagogue since we were children and we remained good friends. I was very fond of his sister. Besides, since I was six I devoloped an interest in music and his family had a piano, so I visited them quite often.

We lived on Apelor Street in Iasi. It was a miserable little street, not paved. We had a grocery there. My father and mother kept it; it is how they provided for us. They bought the house. They even had three tenants back then. 

When I turned eleven and started high school, we moved to Sarariei Street where we would live throughout the war. The house had eight apartments, a ground floor and a first floor. We had an old shop selling ferrous and nonferrous metals. The shop had two rooms and a kitchen. The apartment next door was ours too. We built a door: we broke through the wall to have a passage to the next apartment. This is how we lived. We had a small table at the back of the shop. We would sit at that table, study, read. We had a radio that we kept until the time when all radios were seized from the Jews. Very few houses had a second or a third floor. There were very many houses in the courtyard and around 67 families lived there. This quarter was mostly a Jewish one.

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