Lia German with husband and grandsons

This is a family photo taken by my daughter Edith Dorfman, nee German, in Riga in 1999. From left to right: I, my grandson Henri Dorfman, my husband Israel German and my grandson Ilya German. I got married in 1948, when I was still a student. We have been married for 54 years now. We were to celebrate our golden wedding not long ago, but he was sick at the time. My daughter-in law-booked a small table in a restaurant, but he had an acute seizure of gallstone disease and we didn't go to celebrate anywhere. My daughter Edith has been living in Israel since 1992 and works as a teacher of chemistry. Her son Henri was born in 1975, has finished a Jewish school here, served two years in the Israeli Army, and now he works in Israel as a programmer, and studies at the economic faculty in the magistrates. My son Michael graduated from the physics and mathematics faculty of the Latvian University. He is a system programmer and lives in Riga. He didn't even consider to pursue a humanitarian career like me. My son isn't religious. He is married to Irina and my grandson Ilya, born in 1982, is a student at the physics and mathematics faculty, he works, and pursues his mother's and father's career - they are all programmers. All three work in the same firm.

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