Judita Jovanovic's paternal grandfather's family

This is the Bohem family, my paternal grandfather’s family. One of the children in the picture is my grandfather. The photo was taken in the 1890s. 

My grandfather, Imre, was born in Kisber, Hungary in 1885. He changed his name from Mirko Bohem to Imre Biro in order to ease his assimilation into the local life. He worked as a mechanical engineer for the Yugoslav railroad. Because of his job, the family moved around a lot. When my father was born they lived in Vinkovci. Then they lived in Subotica  from 1914 to 1918. When my father finished primary school they moved from Subotica to Mostar. When my grandfather retired, they moved to Belgrade. When the Jews in Belgrade were forced to register at Tasmajdan Park, during the war, my grandparents escaped to Subotica, where they remained until they were deported in 1944. 

Photos from this interviewee