Jonathan Adler at his bar mitzvah

Here you can see my nephew Jonathan Adler at his bar mitzvah in Rishon Le Zion, in Israel, in 2001. He sent me this picture, and it says on the back: ?With love, from Ioni!?. That's how we call Jonathan, Ioni. It was the first time he was allowed to wear his tefillin. The photo was taken during the ceremony.

Jonathan is the son of Iosif Adler, my sister Rozalia Adler's son, and Mihaela Adler nee Csisar. Iosif and Mihaela married here, in Romania, and emigrated to Israel in 1986, I think. They live in Rishon Le Zion. Their son, Ioni, was born in 1989 and he has a younger sister, Karina, born in 1992. They both speak Romanian rather well because my sister Rozalia -who later also emigrated to Israel with her husband to be closer to the grandchildren - speaks to them in Romanian, and they answer in Hebrew, so she learns Hebrew and they learn Romanian.