Jemma Grinberg's sister Regina Grinberg

My older sister, Regina Grinberg. She was was born in Kiev in 1927. This photo was taken in Moscow in 1954, when Regina was 27. Regina and I practically did no studying during the war. I went to school in Kazan. However, my sister Regina didn't waste her time. She studied at home. She always had her textbooks with her. In 1944 she went to Moscow and fained admission into the Department of Political Economy at Moscow State University. Regina is single, too. She lives alone in an apartment in Ivanovo. After she graduated from Moscow State University (the most prestigious higher educational institution in the former USSR) she grew fond of the theater and cinema and took a course for theatrical producers led by the famous producer of the Taganka Theater Lubimov. Regina founded a public theater in Ivanovo that was famous all over the Soviet Union. Great poets like Okudjava, Voznesensky and Evtushenko came to visit her. The famous dissident poet Alexandr Galich, and Vladimir Vysotsky were friends of hers. Now Regina is lonely and ill. Hesed supports her.

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Jemma Grinberg