Jemma Grinberg's grandmother

This is my father's mother. I don't know her first name or maiden name. Her married name was Grinberg. The photo was taken in Radzivillov, Ukraine probably in the early 1900s, but the precise date is unknown. My father's parents died before I was born. I know very little about my father's family. My father perished when I was 11 and there was nobody left who could tell me the history of his kinship. I know that his family came from the village of Radzivillovo, located at the border with Poland. I also know that there were a few Jewish families living in this town and that there was also a synagogue. There were Poles as well as Jews living in the town. They all got along well and helped each other. My grandfather, father's father Leizer (Lazar) Grinberg was born around 1870 and my grandmother was a few years younger. My grandfather died in 1914. My grandmother lived a few years longer. I know that she died before the revolution of 1917. My grandfather Leizer Grinberg was a shoemaker. His family was not very well off. They had six children they had to provide for. My grandmother, like all Jewish women of that time, was responsible for housekeeping. According to what my father's sister Rosa told us, my grandfather's family was religious. My grandfather and grandmother went to the synagogue on holidays, celebrated the Sabbath and followed the kashruth. They celebrated all the Jewish holidays: Pessach, Yom-Kipur, Hanukkah, etc., but my father doesn't remember my grandmother and grandfather praying every day or fasting.

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