Helmut Stern with his wife Johanna Sternova

This is a very nice picture of my grandfather Helmut Stern and his wife Johanna Sternova, nee Brodyova in the Alps in Austria. It was taken in the 1930s. My grandfather was born in Opava in 1906, when my great-grandfather was working there. My grandfather attended the Czechoslovak State Trade Academy in Bratislava from 1922-23. At least two thirds of the students were of Jewish origin. The only person still alive from his class is Mr. Marcel Kucera, who is about 90 now. After the war my grandfather worked as an accountant. Later, due to his illness, he had to retire. He died in 1995. He married Johanna Brodyova, born in 1903. She was called Janka in the family. My grandfather, who was deeply devoted to Janka, cut out a miniature portrait of her and stuck it to a portrait of my grandmother, just where her heart is. My grandmother comes from Hlohovec, Western Slovakia, and my grandfather Helmut Stern was born in Opava, Moravia, but the whole family lived in Humenne, Eastern Slovakia. The family traveled quite a bit. In 1921, they were on a holiday on the northern coast of Germany, and in August 1923, my grandfather and his friends were photographed in Karlsbad.

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