This is my great-grandfather Adolf Stern. I think the photo was taken at the end of the 1920s/beginning of the 1930s. My great-grandfather Adolf was born in 1871 in Humenne, then Austria-Hungary. Along with Count Richard Coudehove-Kalergi, he participated in the founding of Paneurope and he was a member of its committee. Paneurope was the predecessor of the later EU. Its idea is and always has been a united Europe. Adolf was a member of the town commission for foreigners, a member of the Trade and Industry Chamber and the member of the Paneurope Committee, about which he held several lectures in Bratislava and in the country. In 1896 Adolf Stern wrote a book entitled Tozsde keletkezese es annak jelentosege [The creation of the stockmarket and its significance]. This was a book about the stock market and apart from that he was the author of many articles published in Hungarian, Slovak and German journals. He was interested in sociology, he was a specialist in water transport, and in 1933 he wrote a very interesting book entitled Loesung des Arbeitslosenproblems [Solution of the unemployment problem], which received a sympathetic response in the journals of Central Europe. He also had many lectures about his book broadcast on Bratislava Radio. My great-grandfather regularly corresponded with several important personalities of the period, namely with Sigrid Undset, Nobel Prize winner in literature, and Gustav Streseman, Chancellor of the Weimar Republic. Adolf died in Bratislava on 9th November 1934.

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