Gabriela Brodska with her fiance Tibor Roth and her cousin Jolanka Deutschova

I'm the first on the left. In the middle is my fiance Tibor Roth, and on the right is my cousin Jolanka Deutschova. The photograph was taken in the 1930s above Roznava. Jolanka is the daughter of my aunt Berta Deutsch, my mother's sister. My aunt originally lived in Presov, there they were shareholders in Slovenka. That was some sort of co-operative store that sold women's and men's underwear. They weren't doing too well, then they returned to Roznava, and there they lived up until the war. they had one daughter, Jolanka and a son, Vojtech, who committed suicide because of some girl. He poisoned himself with cyanide. He was 24. Jolanka died in the Holocaust. Tibor was my brother's classmate from high school. And in such a small town we all knew each other. We had the same last name, even though we weren't related. I had a very happy marriage later and I really did like my husband, it was mutual, but the kind of love that I felt for Tibor, that's something that you experience only once in a lifetime. He was the only son of well-off parents. His father was the director of this one smaller distillery in Roznava. He was also a shareholder. They only had the one son. Tibor was a leftist, though he wasn't a member of the Communist Youth, but he had distinct leftist tendencies.