Gabriel Diaconescu's family

This photo was taken in Canada, in Montreal, where my son, Gabriel Diaconescu, now lives with his family - his wife and three children. This was at my son's place in 1998, where we gathered for Halloween. The children keep both the Jewish and the Christian holidays. They celebrate Christmas too, for it's a happy holiday, they adorn the tree, buy presents. And they also celebrated the Halloween. The photographer was my son Gabriel Diaconescu. From right to left: Carmen Diaconescu (nee Matei), my daughter-in-law, I, Diana Diaconescu, my granddaughter, Tony Diaconescu, my grandson, the Matei family, my in-laws. The one standing is Marius Diaconescu, my other grandson. The text on the back of the picture goes 'Tony is a pirate, Diana is a witch and Marius is Dracula - his cape is hung on the peg! Meow' My son married Carmen Matei. Her father was a manager at the Craftsmen's Cooperative and her mother worked for the Ministry of the Light Industry. My daughter-in-law is a Christian Orthodox. They met in college - she went to the Polytechnic too -, got married in 1979 and had three children. The eldest, Diana, was born in 1981, in Bucharest, and got married in 2003, to an engineer born in Timisoara. Her husband is an expert in computers, while she studies medicine at McGill, in Canada. The second child, Marius, was born in 1984, in Bucharest. He wants to study medicine too, and now goes to a Jewish school in Canada. The youngest child, Antony or Tony, born in 1987, in Israel, also goes to a Jewish school.