Ferenc Leicht’s report card from the commercial high school

Ferenc Leicht’s report card from the commercial high school


This is my commercial high school report card from 1943. 

In 1939, at the age of 10, I applied to the Piarist high school in Nagykanizsa. They enrolled 5 Jewish children, but they didn't enroll me as the 6th. This was overzealous from their part, because the anti-Jewish laws only limited the number of those who could be enrolled at universities, and I never forgave them for this. So I only went to middle school. After middle school, from 1943 I went to a commercial college for a year in Nagykanizsa. I didn't have to take any entrance exams, because I was such a good student that there was no need for it. The schools published a year book every year with the list of all the pupils and their grades for each subject. The names of those who graduated with distinction was printed with italics, and the names of those who were excellent with bold letters. I knew the general subjects better, I was first at school in Mathematics, but for example I was never good at drawing, handcrafts, physical exercise and singing. I always had a problem with arts and crafts, and these spoilt my grade  average. I was a good student at the commercial school, too. I never studied at home, I read very much, but at home I never did the homework, which I couldn't do at school. I had just finished the 1st grade, when the Germans marched in on the 19th March 1944. By the 31st March all schools had to be closed, they closed all the schools.  

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