Esphir Libina and her friend

This is my aunt Esphir Libina, nee Boguslavskaya, with her friend in Kharkov in 1930. My father's sister Esther Malka later became Esphir in Russian manner. She wanted to become a doctor and her older brother Abram helped her to get education at the Medical Institute in Kharkov. All her brothers, including my father, provided assistance to Esther. Esther worked as a doctor all her life. She was mobilized to the army in the first days of the war. She was staying near Kharkov where a hospital train was being formed. She died in 1993, three days before she turned 90. Her husband Naum Libin perished at the front in 1942, and her daughter Mary Libina lives in Kiev. She is an art expert and a great specialist on the life and work of Mark Chagall.