Boris Boguslavskiy and Mark Tarnopolskiy

This is my father Boris Boguslavskiy and Mark Tarnopolskiy, the first husband of my father's sister Klara. The photo was taken in Khorol in 1919. Although my father and his brothers grew up in a religious family that honored Jewish traditions they were atheists. They were enthusiastic about the Revolution and the new ideas. My father quit the mill in 1917 and joined the Red Guard unit. In 1918 he became a member of the Communist International of young people. A year later my father became the secretary of the provincial Komsomol committee and then instructor and political education department supervisor of the Komsomol committee in Kharkov, which was the capital of Ukraine at that time. In 1925 he became a member of the Bolshevik Party. My father was an intelligent man. He read a lot, knew the [then] modern poets Mayakovsky, Yesenin and Blok and he wrote poems himself. Women liked him and he had the reputation of being a 'playboy' before he met my mother in 1925 and fell in love. My father's youngest sister Klara didn't get any education. She was a very beautiful girl and emotional person. She got married several times. Her first husband was my father's friend Mark Tarnopolskiy.