Dobre Rozenbergene with her aunt Leya

Dobre Rozenbergene with her aunt Leya


These are my aunt Leya and I, Dobre Rozenbergene. The picture was taken in Jurbarkas by Levin, from 6 Vitauta, in the 1930s.

Father’s youngest sister Leya, born in 1916 was my elder friend. Leya’s fate was sad. She got married before the war and spent horrible years in occupation, ghetto and concentration camps. Her private life was crushed by the war, but then she had a new family and a wonderful life. Leya has been with me through the worst times of my life being like a mother to me. We went through the concentration camps together.

Aunt Leya and I remained very close in the postwar years. Her husband Yakov didn’t return to her. During the war he fell in love with another woman, a military nurse, and went to her. First, Leya took their separation hard, then she married a Jew, Yoselevich. Leya gave birth to a daughter, Sarah, and left for Israel in the early 1970s. We had kept in touch all those years and I knew what was happening with her family.

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Dobre Rozenbergene