Dobre Rozenbergene and her family

Dobre Rozenbergene and her family


This picture was taken before my father's sister Toybl’s departure to Palestine. She is in the center in a white blouse. From left to right - Father's sister Leya Most, my mother Brocha Most, I am in a striped shirt, Father's sister Toybl, my brother Isroel, my father Motle Most, Mother's nephew Max Dovid Figlyar, Grandmother Elke. The picture was taken in Jurbarkas in 1932.

My paternal grandfather Isroel’s daughters went to a lyceum – both of them, the elder Toybl and the younger Leya got a good education. Toybl was born in 1908. She was fond of Zionist ideas since adolescence and in 1934 she left for Palestine. There she married Efrani. Toybl lived a long life there and died in 1999. Her children – Sarah, Milya and Isroel live in Israel. Father’s youngest sister Leya, born in 1916, was my elder friend. Leya’s fate was sad. She got married before the war and spent horrible years in occupation, ghetto and concentration camps. Her private life was crushed by the war, but then she had a new family and a wonderful life. Leya has been with me through the worst times of my life being like a mother to me. I will mention her again in my story.

I learnt about Jewish traditions and holidays at the talmud torah. Apart from celebrations, children were also told about the history and origin of the holidays. I took part in theatrical performances on holidays. When I was in my last year of school, I joined the Zionist youth organization Betar. During our classes we were told about Palestine, learnt patriotic songs, got ready for rehearsals. I dreamt of Palestine as my Aunt Toybl immigrated there in 1934. There was a plush farewell party, attended by all our relatives from Jurbarkas and Kaunas. Toybl wrote delightful letters from Palestine, telling about her life in the kibbutz, her participation in building her own state.

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Dobre Rozenbergene