Bedrich Hecht's wife

Bedrich Hecht's wife


This is a photograph of my wife Hedviga taken in 1945 or 1946.

My wife is named Heda, Hedviga, née Vozarova. She was born in 1925. Her mother tongue is Slovak. She finished high school and worked for three years as a bank clerk. She was from a Christian family. I never tried to convince her to become Jewish. Let her be the way she was born. Even today I still drive her to church. Why should I try to stop her? There's one thing I say. I'm the way I was born. There's no point in me converting. I'm not devout as a Jew, and I wouldn't be devout as a Christian either. Even before the war I had offers to be converted, but there's no point. I was born a Jew, and Jew I'll remain.

Our wedding was a civil one, and took place at the Nitra city hall with our closest family. It wasn't any sort of big wedding, just our siblings and parents. My wife wore a coat and skirt, and I wore a suit. After the ceremony we had lunch, and spent a little more time together in the evening. That was it.

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