Asta Pekker’s great grandmother, Shwartzman and her grandfather's sister - Rosa Shwartzman

My great grandmother, on my mother's side, Shwartzman (I don't remember her name) and my grandfather's sister on my mother's side - Rosa Shwartzman. The picture was taken in Warsaw in 1907.

I remember my granny Lisa. I loved her dearly. I remember her when she was about 50, and she was still very beautiful. I didn't meet anyone from her family. As for my grandfather's (Pyotr Borisovich Shwartzman) family, we only had a picture of his mother, my great grandmother, whose name I cannot remember, unfortunately, and of his sister Rosa Shwartzman.

Month before I was born Mama of my grandfather Pyotr Shwartzman died. I do not remember her full name, but it started with an A and probably sounded like Asta. I would like to say that in our family the Jewish tradition of giving a name was followed very strictly but in a different way. They never gave a name of a living close relative.