Asta Pekker with her husband Anatoliy Stepanovich Summar

Me, Asta Pekker, and my husband Anatoliy Stepanovich Summar. The picture was made in Kiev in 1960.

I got married in 1957. My husband Anatoliy Stepanovich Summar was an artist by education, later on an officially recognized abstract artist. Although his family was half Jewish (his mother was a Jew) we had quite an ordinary wedding. Neither his or my family were religious. We lived with our parents and when Papa was invited to Novosibirsk Conservatory (as Professor) in early 1959 and left there with Mama, we stayed alone. We were the only young couple in our surrounding who haâ a place of their own. Some time during these years we met Victor Nekrasov and made friends with him. He was the very person who mentioned Babiy Yar officially in a Soviet press.

In 1961 our first child, son Pavlik, was born, and in 1964 - daughter Annushka.