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Onsite Learning: A special approach to Generation Z

History, other projects

This PowerPoint offers an overview of how to create an onsite learning experience for students, what to consider as you plan, and some of the challenges you may face.

10, 11, 12, 9

Love on a Paper Airplane


The class watched Centropa’s film Love on a Paper Airplane as an introduction to the love story of Judit Kinszki’s parents, and the early modern photography of Imre Kinszki (Judit’s...


Cooking in the classroom: To cook or not to cook!

other projects

This lesson uses the interview from Hedvig Endrei, from Hungary. In a labor camp during the war, Mrs. Endrei and her friends wrote out a book of recipes and she...


The women who taught me everything - Interactive Film Script


The interactive film scripts combine the scripts of the Centropa Films with the links metioned in the Study Guides, thus marking various historical, cultural and geographical references.

You can use...

Centropa eBook: Ilona Seifert

other projects

My grandfather, Bernáat Riemer was born in Obuda. He studied bakery as an apprentice and then became a baker's journeyman. He worked diligently, and later bought the bakery where he had worked...