Love on a Paper Airplane

The class watched Centropa’s film Love on a Paper Airplane as an introduction to the love story of Judit Kinszki’s parents, and the early modern photography of Imre Kinszki (Judit’s father). We then explored the images in Kinszki’s work and examined what made them modern and how they were characteristic of modern photography and art in Europe in the early 20th century. Using the text from Judit Kinszki’s interview in the Centropa database, students chose a message they wanted to convey from the story, invented a graphic design to illustrate the message and created it on a piece of paper. We made these into paper airplanes, echoing the paper airplane Judit’s father used to introduce himself to Judit’s mother.

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Judit Kinszki -- Love On A Paper Airplane

When we interviewed Judit Kinszki, she told us, "All my life I've been waiting to find someone who I could tell about my father. Because he was taken from me at such a young age, I feel that when I describe him, I can draw closer to him."

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