Lilli Tauber: Viennese Jewry In The 1930s

In this lesson, students will learn about early Zionism and Jewish life in Austria in the first part of the 20th Century. Students will engage themselves with materials on the Nuremberg Laws, the Anchluss, Kristallnacht (November Pogrom), and the American response to Jewish immigration from Europe in the 1930s. 

Students will focus on the importance of physical culture engendered by Zionist Max Nordau and the concept of Muskeljuden.  Students will use the sporting club Hakoah Vienna (“The Strength” in Hebrew) as a case study.  Using Centropa videos, students will learn about rising anti-Semitism in Austria, and the personal experiences of Jews during the Anchluss and Kristallnacht. Students will encounter material about the US response to Jewishimmigrants from Europe and subsequent Jewish migration to Palestine, Shanghai, and England.

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Lilli Tauber - A Suitcase full of Memories

Lilli Tauber grew up in a small town in Austria, Wiener Neustadt, where her parents tended the family store. Then came 9 November 1938--the pogrom known as Kristallnacht. Her father was arrested, Lilli was thrown out of school, and when her father was released, her parents got Lilli onto a kindertransport to England. From her refuge in Great Britain, Lilli wrote countless letters to her parents. And they wrote to her--not only from Vienna, but from a ghetto they were sent to in Poland. At war's end, Lilli returned to Vienna to look for them. Perhaps they too would return.

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