Laszlo Nussbaum: Europe without borders

This lesson about "Europe without borders, or what color is your flag?" uses a personal narrative, a Centropa film set in today’s Romania, and an oral history interview with the film’s subject, Lazslo Nussbaum, to alert students to how varying perspectives and methodologies can affect the ways in which we can know about the past. Because the story involves borders and loyalties, it is recommended to show a short narrated Centropa on Jewish soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian army beforehand.

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Laszlo Nussbaum -- Europe without Borders

A remarkable story of changing borders and stubborn optimism. Heinrich Nussbaum lived in the Austo-Hungarian Empire and had four sons who fought in the First World War. The empire collapsed and Europe was divided, but Heinrich didn't believe in borders and sent his sons to universities all over Europe: Sandor studied economics in Prague, Joseph became a doctor in Berlin, Laszlo received his degree in philosophy in Paris and Jeno, Laszlo's father, studied mathematics in Florence.

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