Destroyed Communities and Their Survivors: A Holocaust Research Project for Students Grades 6-12

Looking for an engaging research project for your students that combines historical events and personal narratives? 

Using user-friendly, online materials from both Centropa and Holocaust Museum Houston—primary/secondary sources, photographs, interviews, films, and more to help your students understand the depth and breadth of the Holocaust—this project takes students from prewar Jewish life through the devastation of the Holocaust, requiring them to reflect on both the historical events and experiences of those who lived through it. 

In this unique 90-minute online program you will learn about the project, spend time familiarizing yourself with the materials, and share ideas on how to implement this project in your classroom. We will provide you with the materials and links you need to do this project, including one version for middle school and one for high school students.

Register here.

Questions? Contact:

Lauren Granite, US Education Director, Centropa (granite [at]

Wendy Warren, Director of Education, Holocaust Museum Houston (wwarren [at]

Laurie Garcia, Senior Associate Director of Education, Holocaust Museum Houston (lgarcia [at]