Max Uri -- Looking For Frieda, Finding Frieda

The classic story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl.
Max Uri was living the comfortable life of a Viennese Jewish lad when he fell for Frieda Haber. They met at a Jewish summer camp, then ran into each other the following summer on the Adriatic coast.
But the rise of the Nazis got in the way and Max, who had fled to Palestine in 1939, despaired of ever finding Frieda again. Until that day he was walking down a street in Tel Aviv...
Max and Frieda Uri died in August 2009.

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In 1923, the year Max Uri's wife, Frieda Haber, was born, the monarchy had been over for six years and the country was within the First Republic of Austria. The Republic, established in 1919, was created following the end of First World War and the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) and the Republic of German-Austria (1918-1919).


In 1938, German troops marched into Austria in what is known as the "Anschluss." At this point, the situation for Austrian Jews changed dramatically for the worse. 


In 1939 Max Uri left for Palestine (today Israel) with only 10 Reichsmarks to his name. 

As Nazi influence began to grow stronger, many European Jews attempted to leave for Palestine. Immigration to Israel is known as Aliyah. The Jewish Virtual Library offers a number of links to information about historical immigration to Palestine. 


Max Uri arrived in Tel Aviv, where he was reunited with Frieda. 


After five years of living in Israel, Max and Frieda returned to Vienna. You can read more about the postwar Austrian Jewish community here.  

In 1945, Austria had declared the Second Republic, reestablishing Austria as a democratic republic. 

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