Adolf Maly

Adolf Maly and classmates in Biel

Interviewer: Edward Serotta

I was born in 1916 in Biel as Karol Friedman. Later I changed my name to
Adolf Maly.

My sister Eta was killed by Hungarian soldiers at the age of 22.

I have a photo of my classmates, taken in 1926. Both girls and boys were in
the same class. We didn't have any particular school uniform, so we all
dressed differently.

The story of this class is a sad and touching one. My schoolmate Alexander
Gottsegen was killed in a concentration camp. His sister Adele also was
killed in a concentration camp. My friend Irenka Rosenfeld was killed in a
concentration camp, too. Julia Katz spent the Holocaust in Auschwitz and
survived. She emigrated and died in the USA.

Our teacher was Bela Nagy. He was a good friend, a great teacher and used
to play violin for us.

During the war, I was in Theresienstadt. After World War II, I spent some
time in Prague.