Revekka Levina with her husband Kusiel Abramovich Levin

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This is my mother's elder sister, Revekka Levina (nee Stolyar), with her husband Kusiel Abramovich Levin. The photo was taken in Leningrad in 1939.

My aunt Revekka’s husband, Kusiel Abramovich Levin, was an Orthodox Jew. He even worked at the Jewish cemetery for some time. He took me to the synagogue a couple of times and I was present at the religious service. I liked it very much. My sisters and I loved to visit our uncle. Though not our blood relative, he was closer to us than our own aunt. He celebrated all holidays, observed Jewish traditions and all rituals. We saw him pray and we found it very interesting. My aunt’s family liked to receive us as guests very much. They did not have children of their own.

My aunt Revekka and her husband, are buried at the Jewish cemetery. I am taking care of their graves. Uncle Kusiel starved to death during the siege and was buried during the war. A synagogue attendant was invited to read a prayer. The synagogue arranged everything as Uncle had worked at this cemetery for a while. 

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Inna Gimila
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St. Petersburg, Russland

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