Jeno Kaufmann and his family

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    Satu Mare
    Romania (1920-1945)
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The first man on the right is one of my cousins, Jeno Kaufmann, my father’s sister Aunt Mariska’s son, and his family. The photo was taken in Satu Mare in the 1920s.

Mariska was David Kaufmann's wife. They shared the same surname but they weren't related apart from being married. Aunt Mariska was wealthy, but she always brought the cheapest chocolate for us. They had a big grocery store in Szatmarnemeti, and they also had a gigantic cellar. They had an enormous garden which extended to the next street. They were very wealthy!

Aunt Mariska had a son, Jenoke, whose wife Margitka always used to say, 'Jenoke who will never become Jeno.' He was a careless, frivolous man, and liked women very much. They had two sons: Bandi and Laci. Laci died in Russia as a forced laborer. Bandi lives in Australia; he survived, and is probably still alive, because he was younger than me. I don't know anything about him, because he had always been an avaricious man: he was afraid all the time that he had to give out something. His first wife was deported and she didn't come back. He got married again and emigrated to Australia with his second wife. I don't know what happened to their house, it's still there on Heim Janos Street in Szatmar. I think when Bandi came home he liquidated it, because we were only two heirs, he and myself. I didn't claim that property.

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Interviewte(r): Klara Markus
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Emoke Major
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Maramarossziget, Romania


Jenõ Kaufmann
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