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A Productive Day

Today was one of the most productive days so far. Already seven teachers (four from US public schools, three from European Jewish schools, one from a European public school, and one Israeli colleague) have expressed interest in working on the Kindertransport-Refugee project that I presented this morning. As soon as Lauren approves the lesson plan that I sent her yesterday I will forward all the material to those teachers who have told me they would like to see it and who might want to work on this subject. I think the most effective way to work on this together (and apart) would be through an onine forum, such as a weblog, with each of the teachers being able to upload ideas, concluding activities (videos, poems, etc.), with links to relevant sites and resources, and so on. Parallel to that, students could contact each other via a Facebook group page or something similar. Between now and Wednesday evening I will talk with all those who have expressed interest in cooperating on this subject. Thank you all for your feedback, which has been very helpful and is highly appreciated.



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Was a very good lesson you presented, the poetry by students was outstanding, you do such good work!


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