Zsuzsa Merenyi's diary with drawings about the deportation

Zsuzsa Merenyi's diary with drawings about the deportation
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My sister had a copybook, she drew in it all the way there and in the camp, too. I was wondering, 'How on earth did that copybook get in her backpack when they said that we had to do our packing really quickly? Well, she put it there, otherwise it couldn't have gotten there. Zsuzsa had never learned to draw, but she drew very well, she made very expressive drawings on the way there. These drawings don't seem tragic, because my sister had a very good humor, she looked at everything from its humorous side. She even made some kind of toy out of a matchbox. We had to move from Peterdy Street, they assigned Jewish houses and they drove all the Jews there. My friend's mother accommodated Zsuzsa, my mother and me in her apartment. I don't know how many of us lived there in three rooms, I think there were three families there. I know that I slept on the floor, because there weren't enough beds either. We lived in isolation for about half a year here in Budapest, because these were Jewish houses. And we couldn't move freely, we didn't know what was going on in the world, we didn't hear any news. Then in the winter of 1944 orders came that all women under 30 had to pack up and go to a certain place. [Editor's note: This probably happened in October 1944 and not in the winter.] My mother was already in the ghetto at that time. The tale was that the Germans were making treaties with Switzerland. Then we found out, I don't know from whom, or whether it was only hearsay, that the Germans were going to take the Jewish girls under 30 to Switzerland in exchange for medicines. There must have been an organization. Allegedly there was a transport like that before us. But this is all an assumption. I didn't look into it. From the yellow star house we set off with small backpacks like cattle. My mother packed food for us. The meeting place was on Teleki Square. We had to register there with our luggage. I don't know according to what criteria, if it was women, men, or what. I don't remember. They set us off from the Jozsefvaros railway station, I know. We stood about there for a long time near a train made up of cattle cars, many-many people. Without food or drink, so they didn't give us any water or food. None of my other relatives were there.

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Gabor Gondos
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Budapest, Hungary


Zsuzsanna Lorinc
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