Serafima Staroselskaya's husband Mikhail Lokshin's family: his father Isaac Lokshin, mother Nekhama-Maryasya Lokshina and himself in the centre

Serafima Staroselskaya's husband Mikhail Lokshin's family: his father  Isaac Lokshin, mother  Nekhama-Maryasya Lokshina and himself in the centre
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This is my husband Mikhail Lokshin's childhood picture, he is in the center with his parents. Isaac Markovich Lokshin is to the left, Nekhama-Maryasya Lokshina is to the right. I met my husband Mikhail Isaacovich in 1970, when I went with my friend to Seliger Lake for winter holidays. My husband-to-be also went to that place with his sister. We liked each other at first sight. We talked on the phone for a year and a half, then began to go out and married in 1972. Soon after that my husband was enlisted to the army. Nelya was born in 1975. My husband's father, Isaac Markovich Lokshin, was a military man and their family had to move constantly from one place to another. Only in 1975 they 'settled' in Leningrad. That is why they were less used to Jewish life. My husband did not attend the synagogue like I did, when he was young, because he could have been fired for that. After graduating from the Aircraft Equipment Construction College he worked at a secret 'Vector' enterprise. However, my husband still speaks Yiddish. For the last 10 years, since 1994, my husband has been working in St.Petersburg Department of the 'Joint' organization. My mother-in-law, Nekhama-Maryasya (Lokshina after marriage) grew up without her father, who had gone off to Palestine and disappeared, but grandfather's sister, her aunt, told her a lot about him. He was a very interesting person, a very musical one, he could even play the saw. He was very kind. He loved his wife (mother of my mother-in-law) very much. First 10 years of my married life I was sure that mother-in-law knew her father, as she spoke so much of him. They also led a Jewish life at home. But at the age of 12 she left . Her parents were also executed during the war in Belorussia. She remained without any livelihood. After the war she lived in Leningrad and finished a technical school here. None of her relatives are alive. She got married after the war.

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Anna Girsheva
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St. Petersburg, Russia


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