Semyon Tilipman with his fellow comrades in Berlin with a Reichstag on the background

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This is me Semyon Tilipman (third from left), sen. lieutenant Podlesnykh (second from left) and some sergeant photographed in Berlin with a Reichstag [the building of German parliament]on the background. This photo was taken in Berlin on 8 May 1945.

The Katukov's army ended up in Berlin. The army headquarters were in 25, Druchenstrasse in Berlin. I went there on business on 8 May 1945. I had a map of Berlin withal streets indicated on it. Although Berlin was ruined in the center it still made it possible to find any location. I remember meeting my friend Kostia Shendera in the army headquarters. He and I listened to an English radio channel in Russian. It announced that capitulation was going to be signed at 11 pm. I decided to go back to my unit. Shendera showed me a shortcut through channels. He didn't know they were blasted and access to them ruined. To make a long story short, I got lost. I managed to find my way by the lights of moving traffic. I got to the central street and from there I made my way to my unit. We waited for the announcement about capitulation: the clock struck 10, 11 pm, midnight. We were waiting. We were listening to the radio when, I believe, 5 minutes past one it said that there was going to be an important announcement. And indeed, at ten minutes past one our renowned announcer Levitan announced fascist Germany signed unconditional surrender. [Levitan Yury, 1914 -1983, was the announcer of All-Union State Radio. He delivered all most important official information, also during the Great Patriotic War.] Our joy was enormous! Those that couldn't keep it to themselves started shooting in the air. From joy, of course. So I met the Victory Day in Berlin.

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Interviewee: Semyon Tilipman
Natalia Fomina
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Odessa, Ukraine


Semyon Tilipman
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Russia pre 1917
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Working in natural and technical sciences

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