Semyon Tilipman with fellow comrades

This is me Semyon Tilipman (first from right) my fellow comrades Yunyshev (first from left) and Movchan. This photo was taken in Kharkov in 1981 when I met there my friends I served with in Soviet army during the Great Patriotic War.

In 1966 I demobilized from the army that same year and received a pension after 25 years of military service. I was 50 years old and wanted to go to work. It was difficult for a Jew to find a job. There was a vacancy at a plant, but when they heard that I was a Jew they refused me. It happened several times until I met my former fellow student Michael Tesler, a Jew. He helped me to get an employment at the Standardization Center in Odessa where I was employed as an engineer. In 1968 I received a new 4-room apartment in a 5-storied house in Cheryomushki, a new district of Odessa, built with the involvement of Standardization Center. This is where we live now.

Captain Yunyshev was Commanding officers of the communication companie in our army. After the war he was in Meissen, in Germany, with his unit and I was in Dresden. Some time in 1947 he visited communications department in Dresden. We met and he told me that he was having an affair with a German woman. He said 'You know their attitude to German women in our country and I am in love with her. What do you think about it?' 'You know that you can be expelled from the Party and reduced in ranks, etc.' Later I heard that he was transferred to a unit in Western Ukraine fighting 'banderovtsy'. He was shell-shocked and demobilized. Then he got married with Ukrainian woman and lived in Kharkov with his wife. My younger son Evgeni and I went to Tbilisi via Kharkov by train in the 1970s. We met with Yunyshev. He was a teacher. I corresponded with him all the time. In the late 1980s I went to Moscow where chairman of our regiment veteran organization, who was my subordinate during the war, told me that Yunyshev died.