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This photograph was taken in Edirne, I am guessing in 1954. Top row, from left to right, myself, next to me Natan Beskenazi,Aron Taragano,Aron Amariyo,Avram Mitrani. These were my best friends from Edirne then. They were the friends that grew up together in the neighborhood.That day was a winter day, let’s take a picture all together, we said. We went to the photographer. There was a photographer named Dilaver, we took it there. At the time we were around 18 years old.In our youth we loved to dance. We had parties at homes. This type of lifestyle happened after I turned 15. We couldn't even buy  a gramophone then, or it wasn't bought for us. We would sing the songs ourselves "here is a tango for you, this is my last memory for you" and so on and we danced. Later on we bought a gramophone that was part of a huge furniture. But it was difficult to transport to houses, from here to there, the furniture was very heavy. My older brother was good at solving these type of dilemmas. Whatever he did, he separated it from its furniture and it became easy to transport it from house to house. We had great times. We had 3-4 groups of friends then. First of all, I don't remember the names now, we were 3 girls, 6 boys. The girls first moved to Istanbul, then to Israel. Others replaced them, we formed a new circle of friends.


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Interviewee: Albert Ozlevi
Yusuf Sarhon
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Istanbul, Turkey


Albert Ozlevi
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Businessman, Retail merchant

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Natan Beskenazi

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