Moricz Markus and friends

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    Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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I don't know where this picture was taken. The person I know in it is my husband's father, Moricz Markus, the second man sitting from the left.

My husband, Endre Markus, was born in 1901 in Maragyalufalva, which included Aknasugatag. His father was called Moricz, and was a doctor. He was 32 when my husband was born. Moreover, his father, i.e. my husband's grandfather, was a doctor, too, he lived somewhere in Transdanubia, but I don't know where. My husband's mother, Sarolta Geiger, Sari, was 24 when she gave birth to my husband. She was originally from Budapest, and was the descendant of a Transdanubian rabbi called Sam Seufeld. But they lived in Aknasugatag, because my husband's father got a job there as local practitioner, and later they moved to Maramarossziget, and were deported. My husband had a little sister called Baba, but her real name was Elisabeth. She got married in Poland. I don't know where this man saw Baba and fell for her. I think they lived in Warsaw. They had a daughter, Katherina, Kati, who was born there, and they all perished in Poland during the Holocaust.

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Interviewee: Klara Markus
Emoke Major
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Maramarossziget, Romania


Móric Márkus
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