The Molnar family

The Molnar family
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    Michelle Molnar (Ronald?s wife)
This picture was taken in 1995 in the apartment of my son Ronald Molnar on his birthday. From left to right: Vivienne Graeme, my daughter, Peter Molnar, my brother, Amber one of Peter Molnar's daughters, Michelle Molnar, his other daughter, I and my son Ronald, and my grandson Simon Molnar. In the 1st row from left to right: Jessica and Melissa, Vivienne's daughters, and Nicholas, Ronald's son. When they came to Australia Peter was 16 years old. First he worked for 6 months on a plane at a big factory called Spurway, where he earned 23 pounds, with overtime 26 pounds. He was pretty well off with this for a while. Then in the environs where we lived, there was a milk bar owned by a Jewish gentleman, called Mauthner, and Peter joined, and later on he bought it. In 1960 it went bankrupt. Then he became a traveling salesman at a watch and jewelry wholesaler, then he opened his own shop, later he had several shops, and today he also has a restaurant. In the meantime in 1970 Peter married Jackie Cook, who isn't Jewish. In 1979 their daughter Michelle was born, and in 1981 their daughter Amber. Michelle now lives in Tokyo. She got there so that she attended the Japanese Faculty in Oxford, and when they got their degree, an American company offered a contract for the most talented children. To her too, so she became a broker in Tokyo. Amber also graduated from university and she has an industrial designer degree, but she is unemployed at the moment. She works with him at the restaurant. Neither one of them is married. Both my children finished their high school education at the best school. My daughter Vivienne graduated from university, she is a psychologist. But she has never worked in her profession. She is extremely capable, she has 20-25 apartments, and she lets them out, manages them. Her husband is an electrical engineer, he also has a small factory, but in my opinion he only loses money by it. But my daughter made them prosperous. My son Ronny got an accountant certificate, but he has never worked as such either. He has a watch and jewelry shop. He started the business with Jancsi, but they sold it and separated. Vivienne has two daughters. Jessica is 22 years old, and Melissa is 19. Jessica is studying at university, she wants to become a physiotherapist. She is in the 1st year. Melissa has just finished high school. Ronny has two sons: Nicholas was born in 1990, Simon in 1992. All of my four grandchildren went to Jewish schools, to Jewish elementary school, then high school.

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Andor Mihály
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Budapest, Hungary


Thomas Molnar
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Kereskedő, jogász
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    Molnár Tamás
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Peter Molnar
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