Maurice Oberman

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    Photographer of the Royal Court, Marco Klein

Uncle Maurice Oberman, wearing a moustache.

My father had many brothers and sisters: Joseph, Maurice, Rebeca, Peppi. All of them were born in Braila, after my grandfather had moved there.

Maurice Oberman was one of my father's younger brothers. He studied in Germany, he attended the Commercial Academy.

When the legionnaires came to power in 1940, in September, and they came to search my house on November 7, they came to arrest me. I wasn't at home. And then they sent people to find me, but I was fortunate they didn't find me as I was in the port in my uncle's office, who also had a bridge there. I hid for a month as they patrolled in the area around our house in order to find me. I hid at my father's sister's place and my uncle's place, Maurice, on Pomilor St. I stayed there locked indoors as they were looking for me day after day. Not to mention the fact that wardrobes, mattresses were being turned upside down at home. They didn't know where I was hiding.

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Interviewee: Silo Oberman
Roxana Onica
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Braila, Romania


Maurice Oberman
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