Martin Glas and his film career

Martin Glas and his film career
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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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    Czech Republic
Students at FAMU [Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague] used to help out on each other's films. This photo is from the film Unis by the director Karel Klos, where I was helping out with one studio scene. I just stood by a door... When I was in my graduating year, I wanted to study production at FAMU. I knew, however, that this subject wasn't taught at FAMU. Despite that, when there was a presentation on what subjects it was possible to study there, I went to have a look at it. And so I hear: camera, dramaturgy, production! I woke up and went to the lecturer to ask about the details. Not only he, but no one knew what exactly was going to be taught. I was the first who applied for that year, and they accepted me. My other classmates were recruited from the ranks of those that had unsuccessfully applied for other subjects. I must say, that my high school classmates' company didn't overly suit me. Especially with my experiences from Terezin, they seemed to me to be overly trite. Luckily, before I started attending, my mother had warned me that I'm not suited for that sort of society. And so later, when I didn't like it there, I couldn't really complain.

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Martin Glas
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