Magdalena Strzelecka-Silberring

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This is my granddaughter Magda Strzelecka-Silberring on her wedding day. She got married in Cracow in 2003.

When my granddaughter, Magda, was three, I was off with her to Basztowa Street, because there was a kindergarten with music there. Then I would dash off to English with her, and then skiing, because she had these tiny skis. Now Magda plays her father Jerzy's violin. I wanted her to study pharmacy, medicine or law, but she was adamant. 'Grandma, it's your fault, because you sent me to that school. You made a rod for your own back.' She's in her fifth year at the Music Academy, specializing in Conducting and Composition, and in her third year of sociology at the Jagiellonian University. She has a certificate for best student in Malopolska region and a grant from the minister. She has a superb command of English and German, because she went to High School No. 6, to a class where the language of instruction was English. Since her marriage she is called Strzelecka-Silberring. Her husband is a composer, an academic employee at the Academy of Music.

I always wanted Magda to move into the apartment on Miodowa Street. At first, when I got the house back, they didn't want to. My daughter-in-law didn't want to. But now that our Kazimierz is becoming fashionable and the most expensive apartments are in Kazimierz? Now we're building a floor for our granddaughter. Magda says that she wants to have lots of room, in case my husband and I should need care?

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Interviewee: Teofila Silberring
Magdalena Bizon
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Krakow, Poland


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