Teofila and Adam Silberring during their honeymoon

This is me with my husband Adam Silberring on our honeymoon in Zakopane. We both love Zakopane and the Tatra mountains. The picture was taken in 1947. During the war my husband was in Soviet detention. When they returned from the Soviet Union they went to Bochnia, where their house, with a dozen or so rooms, was. But after the war it had been nationalized, because there had been the printing press downstairs. First the Germans had taken it, and then our own people, the Poles, took it. And my father-in-law tried to get at least one room, because they didn't have anywhere to live. But they didn't want to let him in; they threw him out. Before the war my father-in-law had been very rich and had donated a lot to Bochnia, even for the building of the church. So they were known in Bochnia, and the mayor remembered them. His father had worked in my father-in-law's printing press. And the mayor pulled some strings and got them one room, 15 square meters, without the use of the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. So my father-in-law asked, as he told me, 'So where are we supposed to go?' 'In the garden.' They lived there for some time, and then moved to Cracow. My father-in-law was very capable, and opened a small printing press here, with a former employee. He started earning and they rented themselves an apartment here. We didn't know each other, because my husband studied at the Polytechnic and I was at the university. We met because of a book. Because I, I don't know where from, but I had textbooks that were hard to come by. And a girlfriend knew that I had them, and sent Adam to me for them, while I was still on Karmelicka Street, where I lived with the Korczaks. And so my future husband came for a book, and that's how it started. That must have been in 1946. We got married in 1947; on 2nd October we had our 57th anniversary.