Janos Gottlieb and Cleopatra Mociutchi

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This is me [Janos Gottlieb] and my wife [Cleopatra Mociutchi] in the building of the University of Iasi. It was my wife’s anniversary.

In May 2006 she turned eighty, and our former colleagues organized a very nice birthday celebration. My wife was extremely touched.

My first wife [Aliz Luta] was born in 1927, she is older than me. My second wife is older too, she was born in 1926.

My wife turned eighty this spring [in 2006]. So taking this into account, well... Touch wood! And she's full of energy, even in this moment she's in Bucharest, she goes here and there, she has all kind of business to do.

And I have someone to discuss with. In brief, we look after each other.

She takes care of me as well, because I have health problems.

One of my health problems surely originates in the period spent in the concentration camp, this is a kind of diabetes.

At the age of forty-five I had a heart attack, and that's how they discovered my disease.

So I renounced sugar. Then my vision started to be affected.

During my first eye operation a problem with my sodium and potassium level emerged, and this affected the nerve-center.

Not my intellect, but my motor center, so I had to sit in a wheelchair. I couldn't either walk or write.

Happily I recovered from that. Then it started to affect my bones, I have prosthesis in my right foot. I walk with a stick, because I'm afraid of falling down.

After all this, some two years ago they discovered that I have a kidney disease, renal insufficiency.

Luckily I don't have to go through a dialysis, but I'm close to it. I know I will have to do it sooner or later. In brief health problems escorted me all my life.

Just to turn back to my point: my wife looks after me. But I look after her as well, because I need her.

We work together even today, when we can, we discuss scientific issues.

Well, if we both have the same profession, we are both theoreticians of physics, we have topics in common.

She goes to the university more rarely than me, because, well, somebody has to do the housekeeping too.

And she has other things to do as well, she's older than me, she's a woman - women retire earlier.

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Interviewee: Janos Gottlieb
Emoke Major
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Iaşi , Romania


Janos Gottlieb
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Baia Mare
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Romania (1920-1945)
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University professor

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Cleopatra Mociutchi
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Cotiugenii Mari
Country name at time of birth:
Romania (1920-1945)
after WW II:
University professor

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