Emilia Kushnir’s grandmother, Dvoira Shenderovich

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My grandmother, Dvoira Shenderovich (maiden name - Krymskaya). The photo was taken in Rechitsa in Minsk province in 1910 by photographer Blyumin. The name of my paternal grandmother was Dvoira Shenderovich. I don't know her maiden name. When I was born, my grandparents were very old. My grandfather was born around 1863, my grandmother around 1865. After the Revolution, my grandparents were helped to survive by my Aunt Polina. sent them money. They lived a pretty good lifestyle with the money she sent them from Switzerland. They could even help us sometimes. On Hannukah they gave good gifts to all the children; my cousin who lived in Kiev even got a violoncello. In summer they always went to a dacha in Puscha-Voditsy or Vorzel - they could afford it due to my aunt's help. I could understand a little Yiddish because I often visited with my grandparents who spoke Yiddish at home. I remember Jewish holidays well: Passover and Rosh Hashana. We would go to Podol, to my grandparents, where we sat around the table eating stuffed fish and chicken soup and drinking grape wine. They baked matzoh at home. After grandfather's death, grandmother did not go to synagogue, but to a private prayer house next to her house. And after her death, traditions were no longer kept. We only visited father's elder brother, who still kept the traditions.

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Interviewee: Emilia Kushnir
Vladimir Zaidenberg
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Kiev, Ukraine


Dvoira Shenderovich
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before WW II
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