The brother of Imre Gallo, Blanka Gallo’s husband

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    Hunyadi es Malachovsky, Nyiregyhaza

This is my husband’s brother Frigyes Groszman.

My husband’s father had a textile business. When it went bankrupt he started to travel and he took it over from his father, when he got ill and later died. His father died around 1940 and he still has a gravestone in Nyiregyhaza. He provided for his mother because my brother-in-law Frigyes was an articled clerk and had married earlier. His mother had not, but his father had come from a very religious family, but they were not as religious as we were. My mother-in-law did not wear a wig.

Frigyes became a lawyer and married (my elder sister). It was her second marriage. We got married first with my husband, because she was still waiting for her husband to return. And when he did not come home and my brother-in-law's wife did not either, they, after a while, got married. And they had a child who went to America in the 1970s. And he died young, at forty, of cancer.

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Interviewee: Blanka Gallo
Dora Sardi and Eszter Andor
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, Hungary


Frigyes Groszman
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after WW II
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