Alfred Liberman's birth certificate

Alfred Liberman's birth certificate
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My birth certificate from the 'books of records of the Jewish population of Kiev in 1914,' signed by the Kiev rabbi of the 2nd district. I was born in Kiev on September 30, 1914, one month after the beginning of the First World War, and here I have lived almost all my life, with the exception of the years of evacuation during the Second World War. My father ? David Grigoryevich Liberman (Duvid Gershovich on his birth certificate) was born in 1885 in the small town of Sudilkov, Podolia [southwestern part of Ukraine]. My mother, Maria (Mariam) Isaacovna, nee Berlatskaya, came from Nikolayev, a big city in the south of Ukraine. She was six years younger than my father. Our family lived together with my mother's parents ? Isaac Petrovich Berlatsky and Yulia Moiseyevna Berlatskaya, nee Knebelman. Out of respect for grandfather, who was the only deeply religious person in the family, the whole family kept all the Jewish traditions. Grandfather had sacred books and prayer books in Hebrew. He prayed on his own, standing alone in a corner. Grandmother Yulia, by the way, never attended synagogue and never prayed at home; only grandfather did. By the way, do you know that in Jewish families Jewish baby boys had a special ritual circumcision a few days after they were born? This ceremony is called 'brith'. When I had that operation, my uncle Yevsey (who later became a famous economist) held me in his hands. I think my parents had this ceremony done for the sake of Grandfather Isaac.

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Interviewee: Alfred Liberman
Roman Linchevskiy
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Kiev, Ukraine


Alfred Liberman
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