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Centropa Town Hall Meeting 2016

On the 27th of May 2016 we held our fourth annual Town Hall Meeting in Hungary at the Youth Center of the Council of Europe. This annual gathering is the closnig event of the school year. We announced winners of the video making competition, gave out certificates to the student tour guides who were trained for our traveling exhibition, to teachers who submitted lesson plans, and to other groups who participated in the Common Ground educational project where we brought together Jewish and non-Jewish, and Roma, and non-Roma students.
We hereby thank all our partners who made these programs, and the event possible: the Open Society Institute, the Mozaik Jewish Community Hub, the Dutch Humanitair Fonds, the Embassy of the United States in Budapest, and the Gallic Fund. We also appreciate the partnership of the Ebert Stiftung for making the video competition and its closing event possible.
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