Rina Lund képe

Suggestions for a new project


Every student has to choose a poet who lived the Shoa and wrote about it. He has to learn his biography and then go to the Centropa website to look for a biografy of a " common person " who had been living in the same place during the same period . Studying those 2 biografies the student should imagine those two living in the same social and cultural environment and like this the student will get a different and broader understanding about the time and place which shaped the poet and the " common person " .

Rina Lund képe

A special city and very special people to share this experience with

Sitting in my room I hear the rain puring down . It is the very first time I am writing on this blog . Nearby the Muazzin is calling his fellow believers to join him in the evening prayer ,which reminds me of my city Jerusalem ( which by the way is one of the most beautiful cities in the world ,but also one of the most complicated ones )  But Sarajevo is a very special and beautiful city of its own - When we arrived I got absorbed by the atmosphere created by the buildings ,shops ,tiny little streets ,the river and its bridges ...


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