Since Centopa has been collecting pictures and stories, it was only logical to create thematic exhibitions based on these stories. Our first exhibition was based on our Bulgarian stories, and it was printed in 2005 in honor of the 100th birthday of Nobel Prize winning novelist Elias Canetti. In 2007, we created an exhibition based on our Romanian stories for Sibiu, the EU Capital of Culture. In 2009, we designed an exhibition based on our Czech stories , which was on display in Terezin for the Czech Republic's Presidency of the European Union. The same year, the Austrian city of Linz, then the EU Capital of Culture, asked us to create our biggest exhibition thus far - more than 110 posters based on our pictures and stories from 15 countries. Our third exibition in 2009 was sponsored by the Spanish government. Based on our Balkan Sephardic stories, this exhibition has been on display in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca, and will continue to travel. Currently, we are working on an exhibition based on our Polish stories, commissioned by the Polish government.