Welcome to the profile of our school! 

We are the Centropa study group of the Heinrich-Proeve-Realschule in Winsen/ Aller, Niedersachsen (North Germany). Winsen/ Aller belongs to the district of Celle. Our study group consists of students from 9th and 10th grade, and two teachers. We meet each Wednesday for two hours. 

For this project, we did some research about the following sites in Celle. 
-- We followed the trace of the 'Stolpersteine' (lit.: stumbling blocks). These are small bronze tiles that have been built into the cobbled street in front of houses in which Jewish families lived, so that their memory will not be forgotten. This way, it can be reconstructed where Jewish families lived before the Nazis' reign of terror. 
-- We visited the synagogue in Celle and informed ourselves on liturgical customs and the Jewish faith. 
-- We took a closer look at a memorial stone commemorating 300 concentration camp prisoners who were able to flee from their transport train during an air raid aimed at the Celle train station, but were eventually tracked down and killed by SS-men and inhabitants of Celle. This horrible incident is known as the 'hare hunt'. 
-- We also conducted some research in the municipal archive of Celle, in order to learn more about the Jewish families in Celle. 

Additionally, we visited the memorial site Bergen-Belsen, which is situated only 20min away from Winsen/ Aller. 

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Meissendorfer Kirchweg 7
29308 Winsen