WWI events from different perspectives


I will work with Ferenc, Mariana, and Marta from Hungarian public schools.

Marta Goldmann

Maria Erdelyine Gel of Dr. Berze Nagy Janos Primary School

Ferenc Peragovics of Dobo Katalin Gimnazium

Marianna Beregszaszi of Simonyi Karoly Technical School

Basics of American assignment:

1. Find articles from June 1914 regarding the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in US newspapers. Each student should look at a different paper. Print tne  article. Do the bibliography of the article. Where in the newspaper was the article found? 

2. Write a parasgraph summarizing the article, especially emphasizing how Americans reacted to the incident. What words or phrases in the article give you that impression?

 3. Find a political cartoon from a few days later that relates to the assassination. Analyze the content. What message is being portrayed in the cartoon?

Basics of Hungarian assignment:

1. Collect newspaper articles from Hungarian newspaper regarding the US declaration of war in 1917. Describe the Hungarian reaction to America's entry into the war. What words or phrases give you that impression? Find a political cartoon from a few days or weeks after the US declaration. What message does it give?

2. Interpret the newspaper article into English.

3. Send articles to America class, and we will read them.

4. America students will then read the interpretations and write a paragraph on the Hungarian reaction to the US declaration.

Overriding Principle- understanding other people's perspectives of the same event.

For US- What were the consequences for Hungarians of the assassination. What were the consequences of the US declarasion of war on Hungary. Should America have declared war? Why or why not?

For Hungarians- What impact did the assassination have on Americans? How did America react to the assassination? What were the consequences of declaring way for Americans at that moment and in the future?

Using Centropa films:

Classes in both countries would watch the 'Maps" film

Questions for American students:

1. Why did the borders of countries in Europe keep changing?

2. Why were some countries more successful than others?

Classes will also watch the "Jewish soldiers of WWI"

Questions for American Students:

Why was it so important for Jews to fight for their country in WWI?

In America, why was it so important for African American soldiers to serve in the military? What were some of the same issues that both of these groups of soldiers encountered?

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