Lights in the dark - 75 years

75 years after the liberation of the extermination camp from Auschwitz, on January 27, on the occasion of the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance, the students of the Theoretical High School "Iulia Hasdeu" Lugoj resumed the project "Lights in the Dark". Students in the 11th grade, involved in the project, are seeking information about the victims of the Holocaust and about the Auschwitz camp. Divided into groups, students made cardboard cubes, white or black, on the cover of which they cut the figure 75. Inside the cubes were glued images with the Auschwitz camp. On Monday morning, January 27, 2020, the cubes displayed on the school corridors were illuminated inside, to attract the attention of all the students of the school. Those interested were able to open the lid of the cubes and discover the images with the Auschwitz extermination camp and short explanatory texts.