Jewish holiday cooking project

Rina Lund 

8 th grade , Renzo Levi  Jewish School Rome 

the holiday cooking project

traditional Jewish holiday cooking

We started with a general discussion about TRADITION in class  in Hebrew, since it was during Hebrew language lesson). 

Then I gave general instructions about how to proceed . 

Instructions:  during the preparation of the meals for the Rosh Hashana holiday  /  Yom Kippur  choose one particular dish you always have for this holiday as part of the meal. Document it's preparation by taking fotos with your IPad  ( in our school all students of this grade work with IPads at school and at home ) then write down the list of ingredients and how it is prepared. Ask your family why this particular dish is part of your holiday meal.

Students worked initially by themselves at their homes. After this first step of gathering the material we had several lessons all the class together to share the material and to discuss the different traditions of their families  - mainly roman Jewish traditions which reflect very simple and poor living conditions when the Jews of Rome were forced to live in the Ghetto and North African Lybian Jewish traditions . Very interesting were those families where one part was roman and the other from Lybian origin.  Then we dedicated a lesson to vocabulary  in order to translate. 

During the final stage students worked in pairs or in groups of 3 in order to write the text and to arrange the presentation.

They all enjoyed themselves very much working on the project.